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Story: Victor's Halloween

[This entire post is out of character. This is just me, Mr. SIB, talking]

I do monthly stories on my Patreon and for this month's story, I did something different.

Instead of doing a completely standalone story, I did an alternate take on a scene from Alison's story, My Feminist Journey.

It's a story that I suspect many of you were hoping to see (and honestly, something I was tempted to do. But it's not where Alison is right now and it wouldn't be right for the real story). It's about the Halloween party and how things could've turned out differently.

It's about Victor finally fucking Alison.

Now this isn't canon. This isn't what happened, at all (except maybe in Victor's fantasy ;) ). But it is a really sexy alternate version of what could've happened that night, if someone with a much more dominant personality had gotten a hold of Alison.

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