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My Feminist Journey

I'm bimbali and this is my sexy, bimbo feminist slave journey through life, with all the pleasure that gives me and Master! [A fictional blog by Mr. SIB. Support the Patreon here:]

Goodbye Independence Day!

So... This is a good news/bad news kind of situation.

The good news is that I got a Master!!!

Yesterday, Tom claimed me as his own bimbo slave and I'm so happy! I'm going to be his, first and foremost. He's agreed to let me fuck other people, but I belong to him, which is just how I dreamed of it being. I'm so super happy, guys!

I followed your advice and invited him over for dinner Saturday, where I totally doted on him hand and foot. I made sure to "accidentally" call him Master  a coupel of times and it didn't take long until he got the hint and started ordering me around. I got sooo wet!

After dinner, he used me right at the dinner table, bending me over the table and just using my holes. I almost came right away, because I had a pretty good idea of where things were heading. After a rough facefucking and ass fucking, he filled my ass with his cum and made me clean his cock. I would've orgasmed so hard multiple times, but he'd ordered me not to cum without his permission (which only made me hornier, but I knew I had to hold out, if I wanted to prove to him that I could be his good little bimbo slut slave).

After that, he ordered me to crawl into my bedroom. He said he needed to pee, but didn't move towards the bathroom. I knew this was another test, and I wanted to make him proud, so after I got what he wanted (surprisingly fast, really!), I pulled out his dick and took it into my mouth. He started peeing straight into my mouth and into my belly. It was sooo degrading, but in like a totally hot way. I'm still coming to terms with being a urinal, but it clearly turns Master on a lot, so I'll keep doing it and I've started getting mroe and more into it myself. I've made sure to edge to a bunch of piss porn, getting myself more open to the idea, for Master.

After that, he fucked me again (how he got hard so fast after already cumming, I don't really know. I take it as a compliment on my sexy slutty bimbo skills ;) ), using me any way he wanted. He made me rim him, deepthroat him (and just used my mouth as a "cocksleeve", he called it. I'd never tried it before, but it felt pretty hot), he fucked my pussy and finally he fucked my tits, before covering them in cum. Then we went to bed, me with his cum still drying on my bimbo boobs, ebcause he ordered em to leave it, as a reminder of what I was.

Sunday, I woke him up with a blowjob, making him cum before he even left the bed. And then he stayed in bed, instead of going to the bathroom, as he just used my mouth instead. It was a pretty extreme way to start the day, even for me. But if I knew that if I wanted Tom to be my Master, I had to dow hatever it took, which I was more than willing to do. If this is how he wants to start his mornings, then I'll learn to love it, because even if he was cumming down my throat and pissing in my mouth, I could tell that he really appreciated me. He might've been rough and for anyone else, it would've looked like he was totally degrading me, without a thought for my feelings. But I could tell by the look in his eye, that he was very aware of my emotions too, careful not to go too far, only pushing me as far as I secretly wanted to.

Afterwards, we took a shower together (after I'd brushed my teeth), where he fucked me good against the shower wall, pistoning in and out of my ass, before shoving me to the floor and covering me in his hot cum.

I'd still not been allowed to cum since we started Saturday, so I was sooo horny, but it wasn't time yet, Master said.

He never said anything, but it was clear taht the day was a test run for me being his slave. We were going to be together the entire day and he was going to use me how he wanted to.

This meant that I made all his food, that I doted on him all day, that sometimes he just pulled out my tits from my shirt and slapped them a bit, before just returning to whatever he was doing before. That he pushed me to my knees a few times and just used my mouth (both as a fuckhole and as a urinal), while ordering me to rub my slutty cunt, but not cum. We fucked a few times, doing anything he wanted to, using any hole he wanted. By the end, I was hornier than I've ever been ebfore in my life, including when I did an entire fucking month without cumming! The sex was soooo good and everything he made me do was so fucking hot, but he'd ordered me not to cum, so I desperately wanted not to cum, even if I wanted nothing more than to just cum my dumb brains out. Well, almost nothing mroe. BEcause I wanted to be his slave and for him to be my Master.

Finally, as we watched tyhe fireworks over the city and he was balls deep in my ass, he told me that I was his from now on. That all my holes belonged to him. That my huge bimbo tits belonged to him. That everything I was and every slutty thing I was going to become was his. That he was going to be my Master and was going to be his bimbo slave fucktoy. And then he told me to cum.

I saw more fireworks last night than I ever have in my life. I came so fucking hard that I passed out, only to come to to him still fucking me and telling me to cum again, which made me pass out again. It was the most insane orgasms of my life and I was crying tears of joy, at the thought that the cock impaling me was my Master's!

So yesterday I said goodbye to my independence and hello to a life as Master's bimbo fucktoy and I couldn't be happier.

But... the bad news.

This means that I won't be continuing this blog. I want to devote all my free time to Master and not to my own pelasure. If I get pleasure, it comes from Master, from pleasing him.

I also feel like this is kinda the end of my journey. I never in a milliomn, trillion years would've guessed a year ago when I started this blog, that this is where I'd end up, but life is funny that way. And the most amazing thing is just how much happier I am now! I was so miserable and angry back then, because I was denying myself the life I truly wanted, even if I didn't know it.

The journey has been amazing and I've had so many amazing experiences along the way. I'm so grateful to Master, that I get to keep having all the fun a bimbo slut like me needs. I'm also super happy that I got to show my mom how fun life as a bimbo can be, because she was clearly having a lot of the same issues that I was and the way she's taken to this new lifestyle has shown me that she also secretly wanted something like me (if she'll be as extreme, who knows!), because she's much happier now. She's smiling and laughing every time we talk now, which makes me so happy and super proud.

And most of all, I'm grateful to you all. You've been so nice and kind to me, sending me thoughful questions, prodding me when I've forgotten something, giving me your insights into what size tits I should get, whether or not I should get lip fillers, listening to me talk about my dating life, helping me find the hottest hypno posts and so much more. I'm super grateful for all of you and so happy that so many of you have followed me on my feminist journey through the past year.

Thank you all!




[Mr. SIB here: That's it! The end of this fictional blog. It's been a lot of fun to write and, like Alison, I'm truly grateful for all of you that've been reading along and for all your questions, which helped me both flesh out the story, but also pushed me in different directions along the way, all making for a better story.

You can follow my main blog here (which is also where I'll answer any questions you might have about this story) or support my Patreon here, where I'll be posting monthly stories.

Thank you all so much!

- Mr. SIB]